Educational Resources

Authority staff will assist the counties and towns with many aspects of their educational efforts.

  • Brochure or flier design, educational displays
  • Programs for schools, civic groups, elected officials, and events
  • Programs for municipal staff and contracted haulers
  • Assist with the educational components for new or improving programs
  • And more – please ask for assistance

Waste Reduction Tips

  • Purchase more durable products
  • Fix items rather than dispose of them
  • Purchase items in recyclable containers
  • Purchase items that have no packaging or less packaging
  • Reuse shopping bags
  • Buy only what you need
  • Purchase in bulk if the materials will be used
  • Buy something used – vehicle, bike, toys, books, clothes
  • Donate unwanted items in good repair

North Carolina Resources

Litter and Beautification

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Other Program Areas

Hazardous and Medical Wastes

Local Recycling Markets and What They Do

These are some of the markets used by local governments and businesses, and they do not represent all available markets. Additional market information is available here: